Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan (born as Konidala Kalyan on September 2, 1973) is a popular Telugu cinema actor and a film director. Fondly dubbed as 'Power Star' by his fans, Pawan Kalyan's notable movies include Tholi Prema (1998), Thammudu (1999), Badri (2000), Khushi (2001) and Jalsa (2008). He is the younger brother of popular Telugu actor - Chiranjeevi and actor/producer Nagendra Babu.

Early career
Pawan Kalyan was born in Chirala, Andhra Pradesh, India to Sri Venkat Rao and Smt Anjana Devi. Pawan Kalyan entered Telugu movie industry with Akkada Abbai Ikkada Ammayi as Kalyan Babu. Though this film did not do well at the box office, Pawan Kalyan was noticed for his expertise in Martial Arts.
His second movie Gokulamlo Sita was an average flick but his next movie Suswagatham was a big hit.
In 1998, Tholi Prema was released. It started initially on a low profile but the treatment and the storyline along with melodious music by Deva took the movie to great heights. And so did the image of Pawan Kalyan. Tholi Prema, a milestone movie in Pawan Kalyan's career, made the audience recognize the depth of talent in him.
Thammudu, another blockbuster that followed, is a remake of a hit Hindi movie - Jo Jeetha Wohi Sikandar. The difference is that Pawan Kalyan trains to compete in a school kickboxing tournament, to avenge his brother's place. Badri, directed by Poori Jagannath - starring Pawan Kalyan, Amisha Patel and Renu Desai, was another run away success - solely based on Pawan Kalyan's charm and performance.
Pawan Kalyan, as reported by the media, seems to involve himself in other aspects of the film making too. Though few criticize it, his commitment to the success of the film is unquestionable. Khushi, released in 2001, created box office records and left an indelible image in the minds of Telugu youth. Khushi, only his 7th movie, went on to make a gross of 30 crores.
After Khushi, Pawan Kalyan was in Japan for a brief period learing Akido martial art. That's for his debut directorial film Johnny. The film had Renu Desai as the lead actress. The film did not fare well at the box office, but clearly demonstrated Pawan's directorial prowess.
Gudumba Shankar was released in 2004. This film has Pawan Kalyan's brand written all over it. Stunts and songs are conceptualized by Pawan Kalyan, and he gets credit for the screenplay as well.The film did average business at the box office. Later Vyjayanthi Films released Balu in 2005. This film is directed by Karunakaran who directed Tholi Prema.
Bangaram - though the movie opened with extraordinary collections,the film turned out to be a disappointment. Yet, it left the producer with a cool 4 crore profit.
Annavaram was released on Dec 29, 2006, receiving tremendous response from the audience and proved to be a big hit at the box office. On day 1, the film grossed 3.75 crores.
Jalsa, released in 2008, is the most widely released south Indian picture ever - in about 1000 theaters released worldwide. The film was released in the US with 18 prints.
Jalsa is the first south Indian movie to be listed in the top ten of American based 'Box Office Mojo'. This site surveys all of the movies released in the world and provides their gross earnings. Jalsa stood 9th in its listings for the weekend of April 2-4th, 2008.jalsa is the only fim which has released in 1000 theatres and completed 50 days in 282 centres.

Social Work
Pawan has started an organization called Common Man Protection Force(CMPF) in October 2007. He has contributed 1 crore INR towards the corpus fund, CMPF aims to solve the social problems, help the neglected sections of the society, in India. He intends to do it through organized militia, and seems to have got carried away with the ideals of Gudumba Shankar.He is known for his hidden donations and philanthropic views. He makes sure that all this films have a message for the viewers, making them aware of the problems in the society and quest towards the solutions. He is a person who always questions his motives constantly.

Personal life
Pawan Kalyan was first married to Nandini, living with Renu Desai. She is Pawan's co-star in the film Badri, Johnny. The couple have a son named Akira Nandan, named after his favourite director Akira Kurosawa.